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Dr Humaira Waheed   GDC No. 72101 • BDS (dund) • MFDS RCS (edin) • Dip Rest (ucl) • Dip MedEd (bham)
Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple procedure used to lighten the colour of your teeth.
Here at White Pearl Dental Practice we offer three different types of teeth whitening.

Home Whitening

Our home whitening procedure involves the placement of the whitening gel into specially made trays to be worn during day or night. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and you will have a custom tray made to fit your mouth. The dentist will then demonstrate how much gel and how to seat the tray so you can successfully carry out the procedure at home.

We will then review you in two weeks to assess the results of the whitening and provide further treatment if necessary.

Prices start from £250.00

In Surgery Whitening

Our in-surgery whitening is a procedure carried out in the practice. It is a simple and effective procedure for those who wish to whiten and see immediate results.

It is a fairly swift procedure lasting approximately 60 minutes. The dentist will first apply a protective barrier to your mouth, followed by apply the whitening agent to your teeth. A specialised laser light will then activate the whitening agent for a period of 15 minutes, this process is then repeated a further 3 times.

Prices start from £500.00

Combination Whitening

Combination whitening is a unique procedure we carry out which combines both home and in-surgery whitening. The procedure utilises the benefits of both treatments to deliver a great longer lasting whitening result.

The procedure is usually carried out in two phases. The first phase will be the in-surgery whitening, to deliver on the maximise the level of whitening followed by the home whitening to ensure your teeth remain white for as long as possible.

Prices start from £750.00

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